'Hindi pala siya makatao.' An open letter for Vice Ganda, that was written by a teacher!

Once again, another netizen has created an open letter that will surely open up the mind of Vice Ganda.

Vice has been known for his remarkable jokes that really made a big impact to the children of this generation.

However, a teacher was quite alarmed by the sudden change of the children's attitude towards other people who happen to be older than them.

Because of that, the teacher wrote an open letter that was addressed to Vice, saying that he or she is  quite disturbed and scared with the way children apply Vice Ganda's jokes.

He/she claims that as a teacher, she's scared of what might happen in the future if this lifestyle and way of entertaining other people will continue.

Here's the full letter:

In the end, the teacher simply asked Vice to change his way of entertaining other people.

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