Truth behind the gamer who was found brain dead while playing an online game, was revealed!

We all know for a fact that more and more teenagers are getting too attached in playing computer games.  A lot of them are getting more and more addicted to such online games to the point that they can play for 24 hours straight without sleeping.

A news report has recently shocked the netizens because of its content. 

A Chinese gamer was found brain dead in a computer shop, while he's still on his seat and is still facing the computer.

The CCTV in the cafe was able to capture how this man suddenly froze and lost his consciousness. What's even worse is the fact that no one even noticed that this man has already lost his consciousness. They were able to see that something's wrong when a friend approached him and was shocked to see him unconscious.

The rescue team was immediately called to rescue the man. 

There are claims that this man was already playing for several hours without drinking or eating that's why he lost consciousness.

Source: SocialTrends

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