An open letter posted by a Facebook User saying that Maine Mendoza is "Suplada!" MUST READ!

We all know for a fact that Maine Mendoza is one of the most admired and one of the most popular celebrities in the showbiz industry. A lot of people claim that she's not just a good actress but she's also a nice person.

More and more people are saying that Maine Mendoza is probably the nicest celebrity that they've ever met. 

However, a Facebook user named Tamara Ann Diokno Bautista has recently posted that Maine Mendoza isn't really nice and she even stated that she's "Suplada."

Read her full post here:

A Facebook user claims that Maine Mendoza is a "Suplada"

However, not everyone agreed with what she posted. The fans of Maine quickly defended her.

Is it for real that Maine is snub?
Source: Zeibiz

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