A daughter was able to locate her mother's lost body through her dream! SHOCKING!

A woman from Makati City has gone missing for the past few days. The children of the woman has constantly been asking people where their mother went, but then, no one was able to answer them.

One of the daughters of the missing woman had a dream that her mother was just in the stock room on the third floor of their house and was asking for her help to save her. The next morning she wakes up, she quickly went to the stock room, but she failed to enter since their Taiwanese step-father was there.

The next day, their stepfather was busy talking to their relatives when these girls took the chance of visiting their stock room. As soon as they entered the place, they already smelled an unpleasant odor. There, they saw the chopped body of their mother that was hidden in the stockroom.

They quickly asked for the help of the authorities. Their Taiwanese step-dad is now in the Makati Police Headquarters and is already facing charges. 

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