Truth behind the controversial video of a drunk JC De Vera and Meg Imperial was revealed!

We all know for a fact that JC De Vera is one of the hottest male celebrities in the showbiz industry, while Meg Imperial is considered as the hottest female celebrity. But what would really happen if the hottest celebrities were asked to perform a hot scene?

A video of JC De Vera and Meg Imperial is now circulating online. The video shows the drunk Meg Imperial who was brought by JC De Vera to the hotel.

Meg Imperial was so drunk to the point that she vomited all over her dress and all over JC De Vera's shirt. 

JC De Vera had no idea what to do next, since they're all covered in a smelly vomit.

He then took off Meg's dress for her to freshen up a little bit. And also, JC took off his clothes and went straightly to the shower room.

It was then revealed that this scene was actually the hottest scene in their past teleserye.

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