A controversial post of a netizen created a furious online debate!

The internet is filled with photos that are often created as memes if people find it funny and interesting. 

But often times, those posts that are intended to be a joke offends a lot of people. That is why there is a saying that you should 'think before you click'. There might be a time when the post that you have made can create a fuss over the internet. 

One perfect example is the debate that occurred when a photo of a woman who appeared to have a flat chest has been posted online.  

Then another woman, Tanya Jizelle posted her opinion that men who have small private organs should not be wearing underwear as well. From then on, the netizens had a debate on this issue. 

This photo gained mixed reactions from the people who have seen it. Some thought that it was edited but mostly people had to give out negative ones.

Source: ChosenTrends

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