Cebuanos burned their Nike shoes to show their support for Manny Pacquiao! Unbelievable!

After the controversial clip of Manny Pacquiao's interview about the same s*x marriage has gone viral online, the People's champ was quickly judged and criticized by the netizens.

What's even worse is that one of his big endorsements which is Nike, has terminated his contract. 

Nike claims that they support the same s*x marriage, and that they wouldn't want someone in their company who's against with what they want.

And now, the people in Cebu have decided to do something to show their support for Manny Pacquiao.

They placed their Nike shoes in the middle and quickly burned it! They claim that this is their way of showing their support for Manny.

"Again, we don't hate the LGBT Community, we hate their agenda. The Nike shoes dropped out yung kanilang support kay Manny Pacquiao bilang endorser. Today, in response, without hatred, we burned our shoes, to show our support sa gay marriage."

Source: EvenDemata

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