Affordable motel rooms that are made for students who want to make love! This is insane!

During weekdays, the number of students increases in a specific part of Cainta, Rizal, because of the two main colleges that are located there. The who main colleges were the ICCT and the ABE Business School, that has a total population of 15,000 students.

Children are being sent by their parents to school, for them to be able to have a brighter future. Parents are truly expecting that their children are studying, but not everyone's doing the same thing.

In a specific place where the schools are located, several establishments were also present near them. These establishments such as bookstores, internet cafe and tailoring shop for their uniforms could really help them. But then, there are 3 establishments that are quite disturbing.

There are three motels or apartelles that are located in the area near the schools. People claim that the apartelles are truly affordable, but what's making it the worst establishment is that it allows the students to enter.

This case was featured in the show of Bitag which they entitled "Silo".

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