A hidden camera captured them doing THIS inside the elevator! This will leave you speechless!

Being a police officer is truly difficult. You have to keep the peace and order in your country and you have to risk your own safety for the sake of others'. That's the reason why a police officers' badge and position is an honor for them.

Police Officer Tony Scherb who works in El Paso County in Colorado Springs for more than 29 years has finally decided that it's time for him to retire.

This man is very professional when it comes to work, but just like everybody else, he knows that he also needs time to let loose. 

On the day of his retirement, he stepped in the elevator and started dancing in the tune of "Whip/Nae Nae." He has no idea that there's a hidden camera in the elevator. 

He doesn't care about who will see him, in fact, his co-officers even joined him on his trip! 

People then claim that this is probably the best way to end your career as a police officer! 

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