Unseen footage of how Dr. Jose Rizal was executed! MUST WATCH!

We all know for a fact that a lot of students are really admiring Dr. Jose Rizal for his bravery during the Spanish times.

José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda or Jose Rizal for short is a nationalist and ophthalmologist during th Spanish colonial period.

We can never forget how brave Dr. Jose Rizal was for writing everything that's happening during the Spanish times. We can't ever forget how he risked his life because of fighting for our freedom.

Meanwhile, a short clip that shows how Dr. Jose Rizal was executed is now circulating online. The video comes with a different twist that will surely make you laugh! 

People claim that they really expected this video clip to be serious, that's why they were indeed shocked when they watched it.

Source: YouTube

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