Truth behind the alleged private photos of Darren Espanto was revealed by Richard Chao!

Just recently, the netizens were left in total shock after alleged private photos of Darren Espanto went viral online! 

The Facebook page who posted the photos claimed that the private photos were taken from a video from the young singer's lost phone. But then everything turns out to be fake when another man named Richard Chao has given his side about the issue.

Richard Chao stated that he was the one in the photos and it wasn't Darren Espanto.

"Hey, these pictures are mine from 6 years ago. These are not pictures of Darren Espanto. Please do not believe whoever is spreading this rumor." Richard Chao wrote.

Because of the statement that Richard Chao has released, people claim that Darren Espanto no longer needs to post or give his statement about the issue.

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