The love story of Vince and Kath has gone viral online! MUST READ!

These days, more and more stories are being posted in different social media sites. There is a variety in the story, some are heartbreaking, some are inspiring while others are simply unbelievable! 

Recently, the netizens were talking about the viral story of Vince and Kath. The story of a man who has been admiring a girl from a far. 

Everything started when Vince had the guts to text his crush, and to his surprise, things turned out the way he wanted. 

He was then committed in a relationship with his crush which lead them to a marriage proposal.

A lot of people claim that they couldn't believe that a guy like Vince still exists. They also added that they're hoping that one day, they'll be able to meet their own Vince.

However, there are some who think that this story isn't real. But still, this story has gone viral over the different social media sites and it even became a trending topic on Twitter.

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