The ad of 'GF Swapping' in an Online Buy-and-Sell group has gone viral! Check this out!

More and more people are joining such Buy-and-sell groups on Facebook, because of the thought that it's easier to buy or swap things through Facebook, plus you get to buy things at a much cheaper price.

A Facebook group called "Hachi's Buy and Sell" is one of the most popular buy and sell group in the Philippines. It is considered as a credible online selling group since they are strict and they verify each member.

However, just recently, a post on the said group has caught the attention of the netizens! The post of a man named Baldo Montalbo is now circulating online.

Just like any other ads that were posted in the group, Baldo also posted his ad. But it is very unusual because he's asking for other people's girlfriend to swap with his girlfriend.

He even indicated his girlfriend's name, height, weight and even wrote that she's loyal. 

But what really caught the netizens' attention is the last part wherein he stated that his girlfriend is slightly used and sometimes abused, and he even wrote that she's not a virgin anymore.

Some people claim that this simply shows that this man doesn't know how to respect women.

Source: TheDailyPedia

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