Terrifying ultrasound image that shows a demon watching over the baby in the tummy!

Most pregnant women look forward to the day that they will be having their ultrasound. It is their way of looking at their baby inside their womb. Although the baby is already in their womb, they still want to check how they are doing physically. 

But a mother was shocked after seeing her latest ultrasound. The photo shows the baby inside her tummy, but another image was seen beside it. 

The fetus was doing fine, but what shocked the people who have seen this is that a demon-like image beside the baby was seen as well. 

Others could not believe what they found in the image. The friend of the mother who uploaded the photo had the caption of:  'A friend's ultrasound. When you see it..' 

Some netizens saw the image and said that it might be a little mermaid princess while others claim that this is a Hindu Princess. 

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