Terrifying predictions for 2016 were revealed by a blind oracle, who predicted the 9/11 attack!

It is undeniable that more and more people are seeking for the help or advices from the fortunetellers about their fate, destiny, love life and of course, their career.

What we all didn't know is that there's a fortuneteller in Bulgaria that has made a lot of predictions that have come to reality.

The soothsayer from Bulgaria was identified as Vangeline Pandeva Dimitrova or more popularly known as Baba Vanga. She's a fortune teller who has made a lot of predictions before she died. People claim that out of a hundred, 85% of her predictions have come to reality.

Some of her predictions are The 9/11 Terror Attack, ISIS attack, the climate change, and the 2004 boxing day tsunami.

And even before she passed away, people claim that she has already made a prediction for the year 2016.

She claims that this year, Muslims will be taking over the Europe and in 2043, a caliph would be ruling Europe, making Rome as its center.

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