SUGAR TEST: Coca-cola and Coke Zero! Shocking!

It is undeniable that we all love drinking soft drinks, aside from being tasty, you can bring it anywhere because of its plastic bottle. Despite that experts have already warned us about consuming too much soft drinks, we still insisted in drinking it, it's as if we're already addicted to drinking soft drinks.

In this video, a regular Coca-cola and the Coca-cola zero were placed in an experiment.

They boiled the regular coke to bring out the sugar in it, and it's quite surprising because it contains too much sugar.

The same process was done with coke zero and despite that the company claimed that it is sugar free, when they boiled it, it still contains sugar.

This experiment simply shows the amount of sugar that each bottle of soft drinks contain and how it can affect our health.

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Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero
Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero - Sugar Test
Posted by STAR FM 93.9 on Thursday, November 6, 2014

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