Streetboys reunited on showtime for Vhong Navarro's birthday performance

For all the kids who grew up during the 90s, the phenomenal dance group from your childhood is back and they are determined to dominate the dance floor once again!

Streetboys back in the days were the hottest all male dance group. They inspired the nation to get up and groove with their stunning dance moves. Some of the most remarkable members were Spencer Reyes, Danilo Barrios, Jhong Hilario and of course, Vhong Navarro. 

They were also once a star of the horror-comedy film entitled, Spirit Warriors by Chito S. Rono. 

Now, the groupmates and brothers performed together once again to celebrate the birthday of Vhong Navarro on Showtime. They danced as if they haven't aged. Their dance number will bring you back to the days. Their talent never fades. 

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