Shocking heated argument between Marian Rivera and a fan? MUST WATCH!

A drastic scene was filmed as Marian Rivera-Dantes had a heated argument towards one of the strangers who was taking a footage of their shoot for the set of Dyesebel. 

In an interview that Marian had on Startalk, she reveals her side of the story. She claims that no one is allowed to be rude to her, especially if she knows that she is on the right side. Marian said that she will do her best to fight back. 

The confrontation that Marian had with the man during the taping scene made rounds on social media. The man was not supposed to take videos on the set if he is not a part of the production team and if the scene is yet to be aired on national television. 

A fierce argument happened and the man was asked to leave the building to ease the tension. 

Source: ChosenTrends

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