Rosanna Roces reacted to the issue of a couple who were verbally abused by Direk Cathy!

We all know for a fact that Jennifer Cruz Adriano or more popularly known as Rosanna Roces is one of the most popular celebrities during the 90s, she was able to lead a couple of films and we are all aware that she's indeed a great actress.

Her experience in the showbiz industry may be the reason as to why she quickly posted her reaction about the couple who claims that they were verbally abused by Direk Cathy Garcia Molina.

Rosanna Roces claims that in the showbiz industry, they should understand each other, and if you can't handle the situation, then you don't have the right to be part of it.

She claims that the couple may just be over reacting because all the directors are really like that. 

She then stated that what the directors are doing are part of the process in turning an individual talent to a veteran actor.

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