This prisoner tried escaping the jail through a clogged toilet! Disgusting

It is undeniable that the life in prison is probably the hardest thing that you'll ever experience. You won't be able to see how the world slowly changes, you won't be able to see your kids grow up and of course, you'll miss your whole family.

Because of the tough life in prison, a Brazilian prisoner thought of the most clever way to escape the place.

It's as if he's too desperate to be free from those bars to the point that he thought of this clever idea.

This man tried escaping through the clogged toilet, yes, you've read that right. He tried to get out of prison through a stinky and clogged toilet.

As he pushes himself deeper into the clogged toilet, other prisoners then pulled him out to prevent him from escaping. 

After he was pulled out, you can still see how gross he was because he's covered with dirt.

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