Pastillas girl issued an apology and clarified what she really meant in the interview!

Recently, Angelica Yap or more popularly known as Pastillas girl was criticized by the netizens after her recent interview was uploaded by PEP.

In the interview, she was asked about how she really started, they asked her where she was discovered. She then answered that after her video went viral online, It's Showtime quickly called her and asked her to be a guest in the AdVice Ganda.

This interview was misunderstood by the netizens, thinking that she was just used by Showtime to compete with Yaya Dub.

Because of the netizens who continuously bashed her, she puts her Twitter account on private.

Later on, she released a statement saying that she was never used by It's Showtime to compete with Yaya Dub. She was simply called to be part of the AdVice Ganda and then her segment on It's Showtime was purely unexpected.

She then pleaded everyone to watch first the video before judging her because she has nothing against It's Showtime! 

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