Man was filmed laying eggs!

People are known to be mammals, so whenever they create an offspring, it is being delivered by giving birth. 

But back in 198, a story about a man who was reported to have laid eggs for more than 3 months spread out. Despite the fact that he already asked the help of the doctors, they could not answer why it was happening to him. 

But now, a video had gone viral. It is a video of a man who is strangely laying eggs from his butt.  Some people have believed that this man inserted these eggs intentionally through his b*tthole. But there are others who claim that this is another edited video.  

Many people found this video disturbing because of the fact that not all people are used to seeing this kind of stuff. 

Kung buong buhay mo, wala ka pang nakitang taong nangitlog o nangingitlog, panoorin mo ito! Hahahaha!
Posted by Pinoy Confession on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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