Man stays up until 4am and did this to her girlfriend! Very touching!

A man got the praise and approval of the netizens for the a-plus effort that he puts in to make sure that the condition of his girlfriend will be monitored correctly. 

When Kylle Cota discovered that his girlfriend Kortney Reid was suffering from diabetes, he knew that he had to make sure that everything will be alright. Since Kortney is having a hard time battling and monitoring her condition, her boyfriend became her personal nurse. 

Since Kylle is an insomniac anyway, he patiently waits until it is already 4am to check on the blood sugar of Kortney. He does this without interruption the deep sleep of his girlfriend. He gently administers the insulin shot to her girlfriend, but he makes sure that she will not be waking up. 

This is a true act of great love. Doing things without being asked for. 

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