Man jumps off the seventh floor of the mall because he was tired of shopping with his girlfriend!

The majority of men gets tired when their girlfriend is inside the mall shopping for her things. The fact that a woman can search every boutique that she could in order to find the best thing is really tiring. 

An unbelievable incident took place in China where a man decided to end his life because he got tired of shopping with his girlfriend. 

The man was caught in a heated conversation with his girl when she wanted to shop more shoes, even though the man already complained that he could not carry the shopping bags anymore. 

But she insisted on wanting to buy new shoes. The man lost it and threw the bags on the floor and jumped off the seventh floor of the mall. 

Before he fell on the ground, he hit the Christmas decorations of the mall. The authorities are now looking for the girlfriend to get her statement on the incident. 

Source: ChosenTrends

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