Lesbians touch a p*nis for the first time! Their reactions? Priceless!

Have you ever wondered how lesbians would react if they would be touching a man's private organ for the first time? 

Lesbians are considered to be a third gender since they are women who are not attracted to the opposite sex or the men. They would always prefer to be with girls, women and ladies. That is why they are most likely to have never touched a man's tool before. 

The singing duo named Bria and Chrissy worked on a video attempting to discover how lesbians would react when they touch another man's manhood. It is a thing that is unusual for them. 

Three courageous lesbians decided to try it for the first time and it was the most awkward time of their lives. The way they reacted towards the feeling that they are having was certainly unbelievable!

Source: TheDailyPedia

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