Japan needs Asian male porn stars to deal with 10, 000 women in the Adult Industry!

Are you tired of your job that requires you to stay in your office for more than 8 hours? Are you tired of dealing with all the paper works? Do you want to shift into a job that could fulfill your pleasure? Well, you might consider moving into Japan. 

Recently, a tweet of a Japanese Adult Movie actor made the men all over the world think of moving to Japan. 

Why? Because the country needs a lot of Asian Male Porn Stars. According to the man named Shimiken who is considered as the King of Japanese Porn, there are more than 10, 000 women in the industry and only 70 male porn stars. 

That is why the Land of the Rising Sun is in need of a lot of Asian Male Porn Stars. 

Based on the experience of Shimiken, his job was to do 21 different films every week. In his record, he has slept with 7, 500 different women in his 19-year stay in the industry. 

So, what are you waiting for? You better pack your bags and leave for Japan!

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