James Reid made all the girls drool with this seductive dance!

James Reid became the fantasy of every woman, especially when he played the role of Clark Medina in their on-going TeleSerye. 

Clark Medina is the man that every girl would love to have. Hard working, God-fearing, patient, full of effort, loving and most of all family-oriented. He is the perfect man according to many girls. 

In that particular series, James and Nadine Lustre will have their wedding once again for the second time around. This time, it is not for Lea's green card. It is for their love for each other. 

As a part of the wedding tradition, Lea's friends and family decided to throw her a Bridal Shower. It is the time where all the girls are being gathered to celebrate for one night without any boys. 

But to Lea's surprise, her personal macho dancer would be Clark Medina, her soon-to-be-real-husband. 

Clark was dressed in a police uniform and started dancing seductively in front of Lea. This scene made ever girl drool over him!

James Reid sinayawan ng Sexy si Nadine, sobrang hot, FULL VIDEO.
Posted by Filipino Dubsmash on Monday, January 11, 2016

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