Important facts about the v@gina that women should take note of!

When it comes to problems involving the private part of the woman, girls are often too shy to talk about it. It appears that this issue are not the topic that they wanted to discuss.

But did you know that you could easily handle the stress when it comes to the vag!na?

According to the studies, the private part of the woman secretes a small amount of discharges to clean itself. However, there are instances that these discharges could be itchy and have a burning sensation in the vulva and v@gina

There are abnormalities in the discharge as well, such as painful v@ginal membranes, external genitals, reddish swollen parts and unpleasant odors

The possible causes of these are:
1. Diabetes
2. Hormonal imbalance, heat and moisture
3. Birth Control pills
4. STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
5. HIV infection
6. Corticosteroid usage
7. Obesity
8. Too much sugar intake
9. Tight-clothing wear
10. Menstruation

These are the following things that you should do: 
1. Drink a lot of fluids such as cranberry juice, soy products and yogurt. 
2. Eat Foods with Vitamin E. 
3. Always wear cotton shirts and pants to let the private part breathe. 

Source: BoyViral

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