The hottest dance battle of Ella Cruz and Yassi Pressman that you really have to watch!

We all know for a fact that Ella Cruz is now considered as the teen dance princess right? But then what would happen if another personality challenges her into a dance showdown?

Yassi Pressman was known for her song covers and also the films that she have lead, what people didn't know is that Yassi Pressman can also dance, in fact, she's a great performer.

The recent dance showdown of Ella Cruz and Yassi Pressman has caught the netizens' attention. 

Because of this showdown, people are now comparing Yassi and Ella with each other. Some claims that Ella has just started her career and Yassi is way better than her.

But still, both of them looked really hot an amazing during this dance showdown! 

Source: Viva Ent

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