Furious passenger beats up the bus conductor and even gave him a flying kick. This is insane!

We all know for a fact that the bus drivers and the conductors are working hard to earn enough money to support their families. They are doing their work correctly for the safety of their passengers.

Recently, a passenger became the center of controversies after he beats up a bus conductor! 

A Facebook user named Yanay Bernal Layug posted a video of how the passenger beats up and kicks the conductor. She claims that the passenger, when he noticed that the bus went on the fly over instead of the underpass, was so mad at the conductor because his destination was through the underpass. He even threatened the conductor and told him that he's a son of a Kernel.

Despite that the driver already insisted that they'll just give back his money, he still continues to beat up the old man.

A lot of people went furious over this matter!

Source: CoolBusterFacebook

Si kuya G Na G kasi nga Ng fly over Kami Dito sa my quezon Ave Ang problema Nya ilalim daw sha . Kawawa si manong kondoktor pinag sasapak Nya tapos Ng flying kick pa ai kuya Anak daw sha nag kernel Kinuha Nya pa yung susi Ng bus . Babalik Na nga pamasahe Nya g Na g pa din #kupalanakdawngkernel my umiiyak Na sige pa din sha Ako nga Anak Ng nanay at tatay Ko stay foot Lang Ako Eh adik amp
Posted by Yanay Bernal Layug on Thursday, January 28, 2016

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