Does Matteo Guidicelli really have a scandal? Find out here!

Social media sites are truly dangerous in this generation. More and more people will try to create fake footages and photos just to ruin a person's career. 

In the press conference of Matteo Guidicelli's newest film entitled "Tupang Ligaw," he was placed in a hot seat after rumors about him having a s*x scandal has gone viral over the internet.

At first, he was asked about his reaction towards his involvement in the scandal that's circulating online, Matteo quickly denied the issue and said that he's doesn't have any scandal.

He also said that he's scared to be involved in a scandal because he's faithful towards his girlfriend, Sarah Geronimo.

He then clarified that everything was just a rumor that was created to ruin his career.
Source: ChosenTrends

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