Direk Cathy G. Molina has given her statement about the 'Open letter' written for her.

A few weeks ago, an open letter that was addressed to Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina has gone viral online! The said open letter talks about how a couple was humiliated by Direk Cathy through the words that she used while on the set of Forevermore.

The couple who wrote the open letter claims that they were verbally abused by the director. 

The said open letter has earned various reactions from the netizens but the majority of the netizens were really furious. However, there are still some who chose not to judge anyone and wait for Direk Cathy's side instead.

Two weeks after the video went viral online, Direk Cathy was interviewed by Boy Abunda. In the interview, Tito Boy asked for the side of Direk Cathy. 

Direk Cathy then stated that she was truly shocked when she opened her social media accounts. She claims that rants are being posted and tagged to her. The netizens were too furious to the point that they even included Direk Cathy's children and husband in their insults.

She admits in the interview that she really cursed at the couple, she didn't even attempted to lie. But what hurts her the most is when she noticed that the couple didn't include the things that they've done wrong during the set. Direk Cathy claims that the couple should've written the reason as to why she cursed at them.

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