A couple was filmed making love in the Walls of Intramuros!

We can't deny the fact that the teenagers of this generation are indeed the type of people who are willing to give and do anything and EVERYTHING for their partner not to leave them.

A video that was uploaded by a Facebook user named Wesley Generoso is now making its rounds online. The video was posted with a caption, "Intramuros and chill."

The video shows a young couple who were kissing and being sweet with each other. This video was taken at the Intramuros Walls, Manila.

They claim that this couple was somehow doing something unusual, especially when both of them grinds each other.

People claim that the parents of this couple will surely be embarrassed when they realized what their child's doing!

Intramuros and Chill 󾌴󾌴 #KathVinceAdventures
Posted by Wesley Generoso on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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