Coleen Garcia terminated from Showtime? MUST READ!

It has been three weeks now since Coleen Garcia was seen on the noontime show, It's Showtime. Because of that, there had been speculations that she was terminated from the show.

The rumors started when Coleen had a vacation and left for Africa. Based on the statement of Rose Garcia of Abante Online, Coleen Garcia seems to be terminated from the show. 

Though there is no confirmation yet, people could not see any reason why she would be gone from the show. 

Coleen and Billy spent the holiday vacation in Africa. Rose could not confirm if the management allowed them to have that vacation. 

The couple even had an extended vacation all that people know is that Billy is still part of the show. The fans are constantly checking Coleen's Instagram to see if she would answer their questions. 

Source: LionHearTV

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