Butt chugging: A disturbing trend will surely make you furious!

We all know for a fact that cough syrup really helps us when we're sick and when we're battling cough. However, instead of asking if cough syrup can remove their cough, they were asking if cough syrups can make them feel high! 

There's this new trend among teenagers that's called "butt chugging," wherein the cough syrup are being swallowed using their butts. 

But then are you wondering why teens prefer using cough syrups rather an alcohol to get high? Well, a cough syrup contains DXM or Dextromethorphan, a chemical when taken in a large dose can produce a crazy hallucinogenic-like high.

People are butt chugging it rather than simply drinking it because it is much quicker to get high. 

However, experts claim that butt chugging can lead to several complications like seizures. 

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