Here's Chito Miranda's reaction whenever his wife sings! MUST WATCH!

Recently, people are falling in love with Chito Miranda's words and beliefs towards his wife, Neri Miranda. People are falling even harder in every Instagram or Facebook update of Chito Miranda that involves his wife.

But then are you really wondering how this couple really look like when they're together in a daily routine? 

In the recent upload video of Neri, she claims that that's how her husband look like when she's singing.

In the video, Neri was seen singing "I Can't Live (If living is without you,)" It comes with a caption saying that whenever she records herself, her voice sounds the same as the voice of the professional singers, but when she starts to upload it, everything changes! 

Chito was even seen in the video that he's quite serious and even frowning while listening to his wife's voice.

Source: TrendingNewsPortal

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