Some AlDub fans are switching to Showtime. WHY? Find out here!

We all know for a fact that ever since the team up of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza has become a hit, the ratings of GMA's Eat Bulaga have really increased. And because of the effortless chemistry of Alden and Maine, most Showtime fans switched to Eat Bulaga.

But then it seems that things are turning around and are going back to the way it was before. 

Some AlDub Fans are now switching as Solid Showtimers after they realized what's really happening in GMA.

In this open letter, a netizen claims that the hosts and fans of Eat Bulaga are starting to change their attitude towards their rival's fans. He claims that the fans of Eat Bulaga and Kalyeserye are being rude and arrogant towards the fans of their rival show. And because of what they're doing, they're leaving a bad impression to the whole cast of Eat Bulaga.

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