A friend of the Tagaytay accident victims posted a heartbreaking story on her account!

A lot of people were truly shocked when the news about the Tagaytay car crash, taking the lives of 6 minors, broke out.

People claim that these minors who were Grade 10 students thought of going to Tagaytay to spend quality time with each other that's why they end up getting their guardian's car. All of them had no idea that it would be their last trip.

One of the friends of the victim named Dianne Santiago Hingada posted a couple of photos on her Facebook account and also the story before the accident took place.

Dianne Santiago Hingada claims that her friends Ninia Bautista and Jaymee Garcia were forcing her to come with them, they kept on calling and calling her, but then Dianne refused to answer the call and just texted them that she won't be able to come with them.

But then her friends came to their house, she ended up riding the car, but then she told them that she needs to get her money in their house that's why she hopped off the car. She then told them to leave because her parents suddenly woke up.

Dianne then thanked the Lord for letting her stay in the house, she claims that she's truly lucky because if she chose to come with her friends instead, she'd also be gone now.

However, a lot of people were quite confused as to why the dates on their conversation was different from the dates and times that the accident happened.

Source: Facebook

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