10 magical home remedies to remove the foul vaginal odor!

In terms of hygiene problems, it is a known fact that the women's private part is more delicate and needs more care than men. 

There are times that women tend to hide their issues towards their hygiene because they are uncomfortable speaking about it towards others. 

When puberty hits, women especially on teenage years are experiencing vaginal odors. 90% of women have this issue. 

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But did you know that there are effective remedies that could remove your vaginal odors?

1. Never use soap to clean your private part. Using of feminine wash is more advisable. 

2. Having a cup of yogurt helps fight the bacteria present in the private parts. 

3. Let the private part breathe by wearing not so tight clothes. 

4. Avoid eating sweet and foods that are abundant in yeast. 

5. Wash the part using tea tree oil that was diluted in water. 

6. A tablespoon of organic chlorophyll mixed with 8 oz. of water as a vaginal wash will do wonders.

7. A cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with the water in bath will also help. 

8. Placing garlic pills or fresh garlic in the vaginal area would eliminate the odor. 

9. By soaking a dose of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, then drinking the mixture while having an empty stomach is also helpful. 

10. Putting a few drops of baking soda into the bathtub will remove the foul odors.

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