Young girl challenged Ella Cruz in a Dance Off!

Ella Cruz was dubbed as the teen dance princess because of her mesmerizing skills in dancing. Everybody fell in love with the way she moves. 

Many people are claiming that she is really good at was she does. From the dance cover of Twerk It Like Miley, she gained many followers. 

A lot of kids were inspired to imitate her dance steps. One of these kids, is the young girl who has gained more than 3.7 million views on Facebook alone. 

She performed the choreography of Ella Cruz when she made a dance cover to the tune of Justin Bieber's hit song entitled, 'Sorry'. 

This young girl captured the hearts of the netizens for her graceful dancing along with the confidence to perform in front of the camera. 

Their videos were put together to really see who danced better. 

Source: YouTube

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