A woman's rant about 'Chivalry' has sparked an outrage online! Check this out!

Is it really a man's duty to offer his seat for the women, despite that they're tired because of their work? It has been a tradition for everyone that men should always care and protect women in any situation. However, this tradition barely exists anymore.

A netizen named Paola Kristal Shane Gardon posted a photo on her Facebook account wherein she stated that chivalry is dead because the guy in the photo didn't even offer his seat for her. She even called the man unattractive.

Her post quickly caught the netizens' attention and they were truly furious with what Paolo said. 

They claim that it will still be a man's choice if he'll be offering his seat or not, plus, she doesn't have the right to judge him because he might also be tired from his work that's why he decided not to offer his seat.

Source: ChosenTrends

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