This woman drops her things, including her 'Balls!' Men's reaction? Truly priceless!

There had been a lot of incredibly hilarious pranks online that caught the netizens' reactions, but I must admit that this one that you're about to watch is probably the best and the most hilarious prank ever.

In this prank, a woman was asked to pretend like a lost tourist and she'll be asking men for directions. She was also asked to wear daring dresses for her to look hot and more beautiful.

She began asking men, when suddenly a man bumped into her, causing all her things to fell onto the ground. As she was picking up her things, her 'balls' suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

After seeing her balls, the men she was talking to, can't help but to immediately leave her.

This prank is truly hilarious, considering the fact that men's reactions were truly priceless after they've seen a pair of balls.

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