Woman caught her husband while making love in bed with her best friend! Shocking!

A best friend is a person who understands you and knows all your flaws, yet still chose to stick with you. A best friend is a person whom you can share deep life secrets with, without getting worried that someone might know about it and lastly, a best friend is a person whom you fully give your trust with, because of the thought that they'd stick with you through thick and thin.

However, not all best friends are like that. In China, a woman caught her husband in bed with another woman. She was so furious upon seeing who the woman is. It turns out that the woman that her husband was making love with, was her own best friend. Her best friend whom she trusted yet she only betrayed her.

She was so mad to the point that she decided to hit her husband and her best friend with her high heels. Instead of asking for forgiveness, her husband still chose to protect his mistress.
It is truly painful to get cheated on by your partner, but it is much more painful when you realized that he's cheating on you with your best friend.

Source: YouTube, WereBlog

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