Vice Ganda's emotional production number for his mother. Truly heart melting!

Vice Ganda was known as a person who continuously send good vibes to everyone. He is a person who's willing to help those who are truly in need.

During the ABS-CBN Christmas Special, the hottest love teams made the crowd gone wild for such performance.

But what really caught the crowd's attention, is Vice Ganda's production number. People thought that it would be a simple production number, but it ended up being an emotional number for his mother.

Vice claims that he has already sent good vibes to senior citizens, teachers and to everyone and he feels so ashamed for himself for he hasn't given a single good vibes to his mother.

He then took the opportunity to make his mom happy. He told her that he wanted to kiss all the tears that she cried when she was alone in the states. 

Vice showed everyone how much he loves his mother.

Source: Abs-cbn

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