Vice Ganda's memorable message for Negi! MUST WATCH!

It is undeniable that the bond between Negi and Vice Ganda will be irreplaceable! No one can ever replace Negi as Vice's partner and vice versa. 

During the Deal or No Deal, Negi was quite surprised when Luis Manzano stated that a gift is waiting for him. 

It turns out that the gift was a video greeting from his close friend, Vice Ganda.

At first, Vice Ganda joked, saying that this video greeting is interrupting their taping for Gandang Gabi Vice. But then, in the end, Vice Ganda said that he's so happy for Negi.

He even told Negi to make it quick and be an instant celebrity, for Vice wanted to witness everything that Negi will receive. 

He claims that he wanted to be there when Negi will laugh, cry and celebrate!

Source: Abs-cbn
Vice Ganda's touching message for Negi
Vice Ganda's touching message for Negi LIKE Advice Ganda
Posted by Advice Ganda on Monday, December 28, 2015

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