Vice Ganda was pranked by Billy Crawford by taking off his pants!

There is no doubt that the Showtime hosts started off as strangers, then they got along well as friends. But now, they are more than friends. They treat each other as if they are a family. 

That is why they could play jokes on each other without getting mad. 

Billy Crawford had a great idea of playing a prank on their co-host Vice Ganda. They were at a rehearsal backstage when Kuya Vhong and Billy came up with this idea. 

As seen on the video, Vice was standing while Billy was behind him plotting the evil trick. The camera man was none other than Vhong Navarro himself. At the count of three Billy pulls down Vice's shorts. 

It is a good thing that he was wearing a long shirt covering up his private part. Out of shock, Vice Ganda knelt down, absorbing what happened to him. I'm pretty sure that a prank war will start!

Source: YouTube

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