Truth behind the disqualification of Philippines in beauty pageants!

There is an update in the disqualification of Philippines in International beauty pageants.

Back in 2013, a news spread that the Philippines will no longer be a part of the international competitions for beauty and knowledge. 

It was based on the fact that the Philippines has an enormous advantage towards the other contestants. According to the Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders, the Philippines have won several times. 

The disqualification will last for 2 years. 

“The world already knows how beautiful and talented Filipinas are.” said the institution. They also claim that it is time to let the other countries show what they got. 

However, this news is another hoax as it was reported by AdoboChronicles who was reported to be a satirical site. The Philippines will continue to be a part of the international beauty pageants. 

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