Tips For Preventing Bad Breath! MUST READ!

It is difficult to deal with the major case of bad breath. This hygiene problem is truly hard to cure because sometimes the problems lie in the mannerisms of the person. 

However, according to the expert Doctor Liza Ong, not all foul smell in the breath is hard to remove. There are just some things that you needed to do to make sure that this bad breath will not occur to you. 

The main factor that the people should consider is brushing their teeth three times a day followed by the use of dental floss to remove the plaques that gets stuck in between the teeth. 

People should also consider to visit the dentist every six months to clean out the dirt and bacteria in the mouth. 

Avoid eating too much onion, garlic and chili because the odor stays in the mouth for at least 24 hours. 

For more information watch the video below:

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