This is how Anne Curtis "NO MAKE-UP" relaxes off cam! Must watch this!

Anne Curtis Smith is indeed one of the sexiest women in the showbiz industry, and also, she's known for being beautiful even without her make-up. They claim that aside from her charm, they also love Anne Curtis' personality, her attitude towards her fans and her jolly character.

Are you wondering how a beautiful Anne Curtis spends her vacation

In this footage, you will witness how Anne Curtis Smith takes on a vacation to relax. She went on a special trip with her crew along and her Dad.

Despite that they'll be going to a lot of places, the host-actress didn't wear a single makeup yet she still looks fabulous.

What's surprising in this video is the fact that they're relaxing yet she allowed her fans to be with her.

People claim that this footage simply shows how charming Anne Curtis is, may it be on or off cam.

Source: VivaEnt

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