A tear-jerking farewell concert, brought to you by Kamikazee!

A lot of people got their hearts broken after the popular OPM band, Kamikazee has announced that they'll be ending their journey as a whole band and that they're now ready to disband.

In the final concert of Kamikazee which they called "Huling Sayaw," last December 10, 2015, The vocalist of the said band has given his farewell message that was addressed to each and every single fan of Kamikazee.

He claims that it is time for them to say goodbye, Jay also thanked everyone, their families, friends, supporters, especially another OPM band, Parokya ni Edgar.

"Sa mga anak namin, mahal na mahal namin kayo.. Babawi na sina daddy sa inyo." Jay said

A lot of their supporters were truly emotional with their farewell message, they claim that they'll surely miss seeing them perform in a single stage. 

Despite being emotional, their supporters still admired them for deciding to disband to focus more on their families.

After a farewell message, Kamizee had Kyla as their guest and for the last time, they sang their hit song "Huling Sayaw."

Source: Spicy Lemon

An emotional goodbye to Kamikazee with the lovely Kyla - Huling Sayaw Smart Araneta Coliseum, December 10, 2015...
Posted by Spicy Lemon on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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